Welcome to AdamCobb.net!

The 'Other' page is still under construction... Any suggestions!?

I've switched to new host Lunarpages, but hopefully if it went smoothly enough you'll know no different! :) Gallery's gone now, as Facebook sort of took over, although I am planning on installing a new Gallery type thing (if I find anything), to keep the full quality photos online for anyone that cares.


  • New host! As I mentioned above... all seems to have gone well with the transfer, so fingers crossed!

  • Oh yeah, i've got a new job! :-D From the 25th March I will be working for a company called Red Box Recorders, so wish me luck!

  • The blog seems to have seriously lost momemtum... ok maybe that's putting it lightly, I haven't posted in a year, but hey, i'll leave it up anyway, you never know one day I might go back to it!

  • The MCR Joinery website is up, and has been for some time now, so at some point I will add it to my Portfolio area and get that sorted out, finally! (See below!)

  • Coming soon - Some examples of work from my degree and other projects I have undertaken, in the Portfolio area